Hi there,

my name is Kamil, 29 years old ethical hacker living in Brno, Czech republic. Currently working as Application Security Engineer. I’m interested in offensive security, bug bounty, and web application penetration testing.

White hat probably since ~15yo when I first learned about XSS & SQLi 🙂 Since then, reported many security vulnerabilities to top companies all around the world.

I used to write code in Perl a lot, but have been learning Python for a while. You can check my projects on GitHub or follow me on Twitter. Although I’m mostly active on Reddit, where I’m also a moderator of /r/bugbounty. Regarding bug bounty, I’m on both Bugcrowd and HackerOne and I do a lot of responsible disclosure as well.

In my free time, I read a lot of books about IT Security, perhaps look at my Goodreads profile for some inspiration.

Lastly, sometimes I do public talks about ethical hacking. If you wanna reach me, try [email protected] or my LinkedIn profile.